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Selkirk First Nation appoints and nominates Citizens to many boards and committees, some internal to SFN, some to local community organizations, and others to territorial bodies. All play an important role in providing advice or recommendations or making decisions on important issues affecting our self-government.  

Citizenship Committee

The Citizen Committee is composed of five members, three of which are chosen by and are from the Elders Council.  To become a Selkirk First Nation Citizen, you can apply by sending an email to the Enrollment Officer or phone the SFN Administration Office at (867) 537.3331.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible to give recommendations and advice to the Selkirk First Nation Chief and Council and Citizens on how to best use the money they have from royalties.

Coming Soon

  • Constitution Committee
  • Lands Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Housing Committee
  • Enrollment Committee